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House Point System Overview: Fostering Unity, Leadership, and Excellence

At our school, we believe in fostering a sense of community, teamwork, and leadership among our students. To achieve this, we have implemented a unique House Point System. Each house within our school will work together to develop their own identity and leadership structure, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment where every student can thrive.

House Identity: Colors, Symbol, Characteristics, Motto, and Mascot

Each house will have the opportunity to define its unique identity by selecting distinctive house colors, a meaningful symbol, defining characteristics, an inspiring motto, and a spirited mascot. These elements will serve as symbols of pride and unity, bringing students closer together.

House Chant or Cheer

To add an extra layer of enthusiasm and camaraderie, each house will create its own chant or cheer. These cheers will be used to rally house members during competitions, assemblies, and various school events, adding a fun and competitive spirit to our school culture.

House T-Shirt Design

To further establish their identity, each house will design a unique t-shirt that reflects their chosen colors, symbol, and mascot. These t-shirts will serve as a symbol of belonging and pride for every house member.

House Leadership: Captains and Co-Captains

Two student leaders will be elected to lead each house, fostering a sense of responsibility and mentorship among our students. House captains will be 8th graders, and co-captains will be 7th graders, ensuring continuity and growth within the houses.

Election Process and Leadership Traits

Leaders will be chosen through a democratic process. All house members will have the right to vote for their leaders. Candidates will be slated based on an interview process that assesses leadership traits, including respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and citizenship. This process ensures that our house leaders embody the qualities that promote a positive and inclusive house environment.

Leadership Responsibilities

Elected leaders will be responsible for organizing and overseeing house activities, leading house meetings, and collaborating with administration, house sponsors, fellow students, and the community. They will also be instrumental in creating mentoring and tutoring partnerships within the house, fostering a sense of pride and unity, and seizing any leadership opportunities that arise.

Electoral Process

Elections will take place by August 30th at the beginning of each school year. The process will include a debate, speeches, and campaigning, allowing students to actively participate in the democratic process. House leaders will be officially sworn in during the September Assembly, marking the beginning of their term.


The House Point System at our school is not just about competition; it's about building character, leadership skills, and a strong sense of belonging. Together, we'll create an environment where every student can thrive, and each house will play a crucial role in making our school a vibrant and inclusive community.

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